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ABOut THE wild flight EP

Final wildflightpanelsAlbum-Cover.jpg
credit to

Emily Jurick, vocals

Eric Gross, piano, keyboards, vocals


EP Musicians:

Rob Labig, drums and percussion, Tim Emmons, bass, Paul Roach, electric and acoustic guitars; Dane Skelton, tenor saxophone on #2


1. Real Wild Flight (Emily Jurick, Eric Gross, Lamont Gross) 4:56

2. Just A Matter Of Time (Emily Jurick And Eric Gross) 4:38

3. Hills Far A way (Eric Gross) 3:54

4. Fantastic Flight (Eric Gross) 3:48

5. One Of Those Things (Eric Gross) 4:10


October 2020

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Fusion Audio Solutions, Grand Junction, Colorado


Produced and Engineered by Taylor Riley

Cover Art by Evelyn Roper, Gunnison, Colorado

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